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Top Ten Tips for Moving Day: London Removals

Top Ten Tips for Moving Day: London Removals with Ease

Moving can seem a daunting process; however, with the right knowledge and preparation moving house can become a smooth and simple process.

  1. Take Care of Yourself: The night before moving day, make sure you go to bed early so that you can begin the removals process well rested. You may even wish to stay home from work the day before moving. Alternatively, schedule your move over the weekend.
  2. Take Care of Your Children: If you have children, have them safely out of your and the moving company's way whilst moving house. Hire a babysitter for the children, preferably one who can take the children out, or have a relative take them for the duration of moving day. Having them away from the moving site will create much less stress for you and them, in addition to assuring a quick and efficient removals process.
  3. Take Care of Your Pets: Pets should also be out of the way during moving day for the ease and safety of yourself and the movers. Ideally, a relative or petsitter should take them away from the removals site. If none are available, empty out a room of the house and keep the pets there. For smaller animals in cages or tanks, simply keep them out of the way when the movers arrive. As an extra precaution, make sure that your pet has some kind of identification, whether tags, microchips, or a label with your contact information.
  4. Go Over Your House Thoroughly: Give your house a final inspection the day before moving day. A clean house will expedite the moving process as the moverswill not have to navigate around any mess. Check in every nook and cranny before the movers arrive so that nothing is left behind at your old house. Ensure you do this check one more time once the London removals service has moved everything out.
  5. Keep Your Phone On: Charge your mobile phone the night before you move out. Call your telephone company to keep your landline connected until you leave the house for the final time. Arrange to have the landline at your new home activated the day you move in.
  6. Give Detailed Instructions for Moving In: Explain to your moving company in advance where you would like your furniture and appliances put in your new home. A diagram or list can simplify this process. If you would like your boxes unpacked, let the moving company know ahead of time and label the boxes along with a diagram of the rooms so that movers know where to place them in the house.
  7. Supervise the Move: For the most successful removals London, be on-site throughout the duration of the moving process. If you cannot be there during the removal, find someone who can be there to observe the move. Make sure that this person is fully aware of what you expect from the moving company and can make decisions as needed during the moving house. Notify the movers of this person's presence in case he or she may have to sign documents for you as your proxy authority.
  8. Give Precise Directions to the Moving Destination: Ensure you provide movers with detailed directions to your new house. If there is a contact number for the moving destination, give it to the moving company in advance. In the event of foreseen complications, inform the movers of these possible contingencies beforehand.
  9. Don't Forget to Return Items: Remember that keys, garage door remotes, alarm codes, appliance manuals and warranties should be given to the new owner/estate agent.
  10. Inventory Items Upon Arrival: Once the London removals service has moved your things into your new home, please take a moment to ensure all the items are present and in the same condition before you sign the inventory sheet. Anything lost or damaged should be reported to the moving agent.