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Moving Tips: London Removals Checklist


Moving out can be complicated, so before you start to feel rushed by the approaching move out date, create a checklist of everything you need to do. Have someone look over the checklist to ensure that nothing has been left out. Below are some suggestions for checklist items:


  1. Reach Out to Others: If you know anyone who has recently moved, get in touch with them. Having just been through the moving process, their advice could save you a great deal of hassle.
  2. Get Rid of Old/Unused Items:Moving home is the perfect time to clear out old clothing, electronics, or furniture. You can start doing this months prior to moving.
  3. Notify Others: Inform the appropriate people and organisations of your moving date and new location, including:


a) Family

b) Friends

c) Employers

d) The bank

e) Post office

f) Credit card company

g) Telephone company

h) Utilities companies

i) Any newspapers or magazines which you subscribe to

j) Local council in both new and old areas

k) Television provider


  1. Make an Inventory of Items to Move: Keep a list of everything you are taking in the move. London removals involve moving significant volumes of items and it is easiest to take an inventory before everything has been packed away. It can be helpful to group items together in some way, whether by function, size, or room.
  2. Order the Appropriate Moving Boxes: Once you have taken an inventory to assess what is needed, you can order the appropriate packing materials. Moving boxes differ from regular boxes in that they are sturdier to provide better protection for your home items, and come in diverse shapes to accommodate moving needs. For a guide on which boxes are best for which moving items, please see Moving Advice(LINK). See our price-list(LINK) for low cost, high quality materials.
  3. Confirm the Removals London Service: A few days before you move, call the London moving company to confirm the date and details of the moving day.